DataVUE Data Explorer

Public works departments in medium to large cities are faced, as are all government agencies, with shrinking budgets and growing demands for services. The main duty of these departments, road maintenance, is a very visible need to their customers, the community’s residents. Even a job as physically demanding as road repair can benefit

from the application of information technology.

Irish Rose Consulting works closely with a Chicago-based civil engineering firm that specializes in providing services to public works agencies, from roadway data collection to repair recommendations to custom software. This firm utilizes advanced automated data-collection techniques to assemble a great deal of information about the existing condition of a community’s road network. This data is then processed using software developed with the assistance of Irish Rose Consulting. Using predictive algorithms based on extensive research by our client, the software can suggest future road conditions

and repair strategies.

The DataVUE package was developed to provide clients with a graphical method of viewing this data and pictures of the actual road surface. Users can open and arrange windows displaying a textual listing of all collected data and roadway photos showing just the road surface, or the road and right-of-way area. Additionally, users can design and display graphs of the data values.

Users can then step through the data with the photos and graphs updating in real-time. They can click on a graph value to view the pictures and data for that road section. Finally, they can choose to have the program automatically step through the data values, animating a drive down the street.

These features allow the user to quickly and easily view road conditions, enabling them to more easily select repair priorities.

Technologies Used