Online Cellphone Backup

Have you got all your important phone numbers stored in your cellphone? Have you forgotten every phone number you ever knew because it’s programmed into your cellphone? Do you have those numbers backed up someplace? Probably not. If you lose your cellphone, or you run it through the washing machine, or it dies some other horrible death, you’re going to lose those numbers. We had a close call with that recently in the Deery household, so I was happy to learn about a new cellphone backup service from a company called ZYB. Their service, currently free, will back up your cellphone using it’s online data capabilities. The service is currently in an open beta test. I had some minor glitches with my phone that required a manual configuration. When I set up Kathleen’s phone, ZYB’s automated process worked just fine, and the phone configured itself. Once you’re set up, you can launch a synchronization from your phone whenever you want to create a backup. At any time, you can login to ZYB’s web site and view your contacts and calendar, as well as making edits that can then be synced back to your phone. Note that the service does require you to have a data plan on your phone, but those are pretty common here in Ireland (less so in the States). While ZYB’s service is free, your cell provider may charge you for the data transfer required to use it. On my phone, using the O2 service here in Ireland, it costs me about 15-20 cents to do one synchronization. I think this is a great service for anyone who relies heavily on their phone and it’s list of numbers.

ZYB Cellphone Backup