A Sense of Place

Our good friend Connie Loden recently published an article titled “Localism – What’s the Attraction?” on the NewGeography web site.

“So, what is the “local” appeal? It is the character and quality of life that provides a sense of place – a reminiscence feeling of authenticity and knowing the source of where things come from, who made it and how it was grown. There is a desire to make the personal connection and create an experience in the purchase of a product. That experience often equates to wanting to have that sense of place association. The sense of place character is one that has a unique quality, a distinction and flavor that brings out the emotional response which translates to being an experience of culture and belonging.”

The whole thing is well worth a read, check it out.

Congratulations are also due Connie for being awarded the Ron Shaffer Award by the National Rural Development Partnership. Connie is the first Wisconsinite to win the award. Well done Connie, it’s well deserved!