Update on Age Of Conversation 3

So it turns out it’s a little harder to give away money than you might think. The proceeds for the book Age of Conversation 3 (with an essay by yours truly) were originally to go to the Make a Wish Foundation. They, however, required all publicity linked to the donation to use the same words, etc. Kind of hard to do when there are almost 200 authors out there flogging the book. So, we the authors got a chance to vote on our new charity. And the winner is… charity:water. The folks at charity:water are working to bring clean drinking water to people in developing nations – a great cause! Each water project they undertake costs about $5,000 and can provide clean drinking water for 250 people. All proceeds from Age of Conversation 3 are being donated to charity:water, so you can score a great book to read and help out a great cause by purchasing the book. We’re making a big push today to climb the Amazon rankings and increase sales, so if you’ve been on the fence today would be a great day to make the purchase. I’ll even sign your book the next time I see you!