Would You Like to Fix Facebook?

Social FixerThe most common complaint I hear recently when talking with people about social media is a universal dislike of the timeline view in Facebook. While I can’t make the timeline go away, I can recommend a tool that will improve your Facebook experience.

Social Fixer is a browser plugin that allows you to tweak the Facebook interface to remove some of the more annoying aspects of Facebook.

Using the plugin creates several tabs on the Facebook news feed, moving posts from games and applications like Farmville to a separate feed. If you’re not into Facebook games, this by itself makes the plugin worthwhile.

Social Fixer can also notify you when friends un-friend you (don’t get stalker-y now!). You can apply themes to Facebook to change the overall appearance. And regarding timeline, while Fixer won’t make it go away, it can make timeline into a single-column view, which I find easier to read through quickly.

Social Fixer works in Google Chrome, Firefox and several other browsers, but not Internet Explorer. But c’mon, you shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer anyway! I strongly recommend you use Google Chrome, but Firefox is a great alternative as well.

Download Social Fixer now, and if you like it be sure to donate.