Resources for Reeling in Business 2013

Listed below are the tools mentioned during my presentation, as well as others that might be useful. At the bottom of the list is contact info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Tools for Listening

Google Alerts - let Google email you when someone mentions your name

Web Site Tools


ShareThis Plugin - provide social media sharing buttons on your web site

Google Sitemap - make it easy for Google to index your web site

WP Touch - make your WordPress web site mobile-friendly

Tools to Make Social Media Easier

HootSuite - all your social media accounts in one place

Seesmic - similar to HootSuite

Tweetdeck - similar to HootSuite

Gist - manage all your contacts

Nimble - manage all your contacts

Salesforce - high-powered customer relationship management

Search Engine Optimization

Good intro to SEO from Google

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Web Site Analytics

Google Analytics

Mint - competitor to Google Analytics

Learning Resources - some good free resources on social media marketing

Chris Brogan - one of the best thinkers and bloggers in social media for business, his Social Media 101 book is a must-read

Beth Kanter - another great social media thinker, focused more on non-profits

Clay Shirky - lots of great writing on the big picture of social media

Becky McCray, Small Business Survival - a good blog on social media for small business

DragonFly Effect - another great book on social media, focused on non-profits but relevant to business

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